Environmental Planning Collaborative (EPC) is a not-for-profit urban planning, policy research and advocacy organization. EPC works closely with government agencies, non-profits and other partners to promote productive, equitable, safe and sustainable living environments through collaborative interventions in urban planning and public policy.  

Established in 1996, EPC was one of the few private firms involved in planning consultancy in the early years. Ahmedabad Walled City Revitalization plan, Feasibility study for Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project and the Redevelopment of C G Road are some of the significant early projects undertaken by EPC. Subsequently, the organization led a number of statutory planning projects like the Development Plan for Gandhinagar, Development plan for Bhuj and reconstruction of the walled city of Bhuj through Town Planning Schemes, city development strategies for Junagadh and Veraval etc.

In 2004, a new entity EPCDPM was spun-off as a for-profit company that would undertake the planning and policy consulting projects while EPC would continue to focus on research, advocacy, training and publications related to planning and urban policy. Since then, EPC has been involved with research and advocacy on a number of important issues. EPC, along with ITDP, was responsible for early advocacy for Janmarg – the highly successful BRT system in Ahmedabad. EPC has also participated in a number of collaborative research papers published in journals of national and international repute. Most recently, EPC and ITDP have collaborated on a guide for street design for urban India.

Currently, EPC is exploring the issues around affordable housing for the urban poor, the issues of slums, integration of land-use planning and transport planning and statutory process for facilitating transit oriented developments (TODs). Our work involves close collaboration with local, state and national government and we frequently associate with other non-profits and allied agencies. Going forward, EPC will continue to refine its approach and focus on the issues of housing affordability, integration of land-use with transportation planning, urban planning and development policies. Alongside we will look to build on our experience around environmental sustainability especially around water issues, urban infrastructure, disaster mitigation and preparedness etc.

Our work involves frequent work with GIS, preparation of communication tools like posters, presentations, white papers etc. EPC has a team of planners with background in architecture, engineering, geography etc. We encourage diversity and divergent streams of thought that often lead to unique and creative solutions to urban issues.

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